Toy Copter x2

I've recently gotten a new hobby of flying miniature remote control helicopters. I have wanted to get one since I first saw a remote control helicopter several years ago. This year on Christmas I received an Air Hogs Havoc copter, a small 6" toy helicopter.
Air Hogs Havoc Heli

The Air Hogs Havoc is a two channel (2CH) mini RC copter.  The number of channels refers to the number of control points the helicopter has, for example; the Havoc has controls for up/down and spin left/right, two channels.  A three channel helicopter would have up/down, left/right, and forwards/backwards.  The more channels a helicopter has the more control you will have over that helicopter.

Within the first few charges after opening my new Havoc, I had crashed it.  The crash had broken one of the blades off, I tried to glue it back on with super glue, however; even after drying, the blade would not stay attached during flight.  Luckily my dad had received a Havoc as well, and he gave it to me because he probably wouldn't use it.

This was copter number two, which lasted longer than copter number one.  I used this one for about a month, during which my cat was very interested in it.  She would come running every time I started up the helicopter, and she would watch it fly around. I had even caught her walking off with the helicopter in her mouth after I had gotten up. At first this was cute, but I had to keep it stowed away in a drawer when I wasn't using it.  But during our recent move I had left the helicopter out, and she got a hold of it.  She didn't completely destroy it, she just chewed on the tail, and one of the blades.  The blade had been warped where she had chewed on it, to the point where it would no longer hold still while flying, only spin left continually.

This was a problem, I had gone through two copters already, but I wanted another.  I have ordered another, but not a Havoc.  I decided to go with a SYMA S107, which is a three channel helicopter.  Hopefully, this will be a little easier to fly.  I'll have to wait and see, the site I ordered from turned out to be a Chinese company, and I have to wait for it to be shipped from Hong Kong.

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