Making a map with tiles

People use tiled game engines for several reasons. One of which is that it's easy to generate a fairly large world in a game from a small set of tiles and the tilesets used will have a smaller memory footprint than storing the map as an image. Another is that you can add unique behavior to the different types of tiles. Say you have a grass tile and a mud tile, you could have your hero walk at normal speed over the grass tile and at a reduced speed or not at all over the mud tile. Using tiled maps allow for a large world to be created easily with the right editor, enter Tiled.


New Theme and Mobile Theme

I have changed the theme of the blog.  Visually, and topically.  The main focus of this blog will be my adventures in game development, that doesn't mean that there won't be any posts covering other topics. I would just like to focus my efforts on game dev and other programming.

I have also chosen a mobile theme, so visit me on your phone!


Making a sprite sheet

Have any of you casual game developers been working on a project and got to the point of needing some character graphics?  Haven't we all?  You might ask, why not just Google for some filler sprites? Well, I tried that, it was difficult to find a sprite sheet that had what I was looking for. I was looking for sprites for an isometric engine I was working on.  Characters would need to walk in 8 directions.  Worst of all, I cant draw.